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Joining the army

chinookOver 40 questions on what you might need to know before joining the army... If your question isn't answered here, email us.

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1 Would I need my parents'/guardians' permission to join the armed forces? 6558
2 I'm under 18 - could I leave the army if I didn't like it? 17974
3 I'm over 18 - could I leave the army if I didn't like it? 41702
4 I was in the forces before and am thinking of joining up again - could I? How long for? 34320
5 How long could I stay in the army? (and how long do most people stay?) 23697
6 What is the minimum/maximum age for joining the armed forces? 9884
7 I'm not a British citizen - can I still join the army? 4219
8 Could I buy myself out of the army? 11039
9 Could I stick with the job that I enlisted for? 1256
10 How dangerous is being a soldier? 125126
11 Do soldiers enjoy their job? 10489
12 What papers would I have to sign if I enlist? 5908
13 How fit would I have to be to join the army 4855
14 Could I complain if I wasn't treated fairly? 5824
15 Is it true that I'd get free dental treatment, travel, pension... in the army? 8329
16 How many people finish army training? 10424
17 I'm black / from an ethnic minority background - would I be treated well in the army? 5891
18 In the past I've been in trouble with the law. Could I still join the army? 6254
19 Which jobs can women apply for? 5739
20 How are women treated in the army? 8294
21 Would I have to be 18 before I could be sent to a war zone? 4962
22 I've had some medical problems - could I still join the army? 4535
23 What's army pay like? 24955
24 What's the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder? 9457
25 If I found I disagreed with the army after I'd joined up, could I leave? 6245
26 What would happen if I disagreed with an order? 6795
27 I have a partner/husband/wife - could I still join up? 3373
28 I have a family - could I still join up? 3280
29 Are soldiers happy with their kit? 4639
30 As a soldier, would I have to kill people? 8934
31 Would mental health problems stop me from joining? 5548
32 I have a tattoo / unusual height or weight etc. etc. Would I be barred from joining the army? 7710
33 How much time would I spend away? 7126
34 Do soldiers feel valued by the army? 4481
35 How many soldiers would recommend their job to others? 4706
36 Do soldiers feel proud to be in the army? 4751
37 What do soldiers most value about their jobs? 4804
38 What are the most common complaints that soldiers make? 8299
39 What should I ask army recruiters? 33169
40 Do the army recruiters, websites and brochures tell the truth? 7168
41 How easy would it be to return to civilian life after leaving the army? 6261
42 What kind of accommodation would I live in in the army? 6831
43 I'm lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender - would I be treated well in the army? 7132
44 Would the army help me to get qualifications? 5859
45 What kind of support would I get if I had problems in the army? 4642
46 How much bullying goes on in the army? 10707
47 How much sport / travel / adventure is there in the army? 7893

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