is independent and aims to be honest about army life. There's also some advice for parents, and info for soldiers who want to leave the army.


What do soldiers say about the army?

The army's not like the TV ads - some soldiers love the army, while others regret signing up. What do you think it's like? [more...]

How much do soldiers like the army?

Surveys of soldiers show that about 4 in 10 like being in the army, and about 3 in 10 don't. The rest are somewhere in the middle.  [more...]

Is it better to join the army at 16 or 18?

Although you can join up at 16, you can get more from army life if you join up after you turn 18. Here's why... [more...]

How fit do you have to be to join the army?

The jobs you get to choose from depend on how fit you are when you apply - physically and mentally. [more...]

Can you change your regiment or job after you've joined?

No. You can ask, but you don't have a right change jobs in the army. [more...]

When can you leave the army if you don't like it?

After the first few months you're 'locked in' to the army for at least 4 years, sometimes longer - so make sure you know the rules before you sign up. [more...]

What happens in army training?

The point of basic army training is to get you to obey orders without question and make sure that you can kill someone. It's intense. Here's what happens in 7 points... [more...]

How hard is army training?

Most soldiers get through training but a lot leave or or are sent home, especially the youngest recruits. Older recruits do better. [more...]

What courses does the army offer?

The courses you get depend on your job in the army. If you want training you can use later, sign up for a trade (army mechanic, electrician, welder...). [more...]

How long can you stay in the army?

If soldiers get through training then they stay in the army for about 8 years on average - longer than most other jobs. [more...]

How dangerous is being a soldier?

The dangers of being a soldier depend on the kind of job you have in the army and whether you're sent to war. [more...]

Do all soldiers have to kill people?

Any soldier might have to kill and all are trained for it. Are you prepared to kill someone when ordered to? [more...]

How satisfied are soldiers with their pay?

Soldiers often complain about their pay, saying it doesn't make up for the hardships of the army, but there are some perks, like free dental treatment. [more...]

How much bullying is there in the army?

Are you ready to deal with bullying in the army? It can be rough - the army is trying to deal with it but it's still a problem. [more...]

Questions to ask yourself before you join the army

10 tough 'Do you know?' questions to ask yourself before you sign up. [more...]

Where can I find out more about the army?

Visit these sites to find out more about army life from (very) different points of view: [more...]