question mark10 tough 'Do you know?' questions to ask yourself before you sign up.

Do you know...?

  1. Less than half of soldiers say they're satisfied with army life (more...).
  2. The training can be brutal, especially if you join the infantry (more...).
  3. All soldiers have to be ready to kill people when ordered (more...).
  4. The risk of harm to body and mind is higher than in other jobs (more...).
  5. The army's education for new recruits is very basic, compared to a local college (more...).
  6. About a quarter of recruits leave the army during training (you're even more likely to leave during training if you're 16 or 17 - more...)
  7. After the first few months you're locked in for 4 years with no right to leave (more...)
  8. The army can discharge you at any time for 'service no longer required'.
  9. Soldiers often have to spend a long time away from home.
  10. Bullying is more common in the army than in civilian life (including sexual bullying - more...)

If you feel OK with these risks and downsides and still want to join the army, then you'll be joining with your eyes open.